Highlight Hunter

Find your video highlights fast on Mac and PC. Used by GoPro.

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Highlight Hunter was in business from January 2011 to November 2013. We had a lot of fun and we learned a lot, but things didn't take off the way we had hoped.

As a thank you to the open source community that helped make Highlight Hunter possible, we've open sourced the entire project.

Download Highlight Hunter Pro 2.3 for Mac

Download Highlight Hunter Pro 2.3 for Windows

How to use the app

  1. Record & Mark. Record with your camera as usual. After something cool happens, cover the lens for 1 second.
  2. Scan. Sit back and relax while Highlight Hunter scans your videos for the highlights you marked.
  3. Share & Save. Share the best highlights on Facebook, save them as videos, or open them in your favorite video editor.

Save tons of time

Using Highlight Hunter is 8 times faster, on average, than sorting through footage manually.

Skip the hassle of traditional editing, and use the time you save to have even more adventures worth recording.

Any camera, anywhere

Highlight Hunter works with helmet-cams, handhelds, mobile phones, broadcast 1080p—you name it.

Use it to capture the best moments of all your adventures: snowboarding, fencing, the kids’ soccer games, amateur filmmaking, home videos. Anything you want to record is fair game.

Free at home, powerful for Pros

Highlight Hunter is totally free for personal use. Find all of your highlights and share to Facebook with no watermarks.

Professional video editors and content creators can unlock powerful features—export to ProRes; save videos without watermarks; open highlights directly in video editing software—by upgrading to Highlight Hunter Pro.

From Kyle C., GoPro video production team

Highlight Hunter is invaluable to us at GoPro. Our video producers save hours every week because we can get to the interesting footage quickly and spend more time in the fun, creative part of production.